Have you ever experienced that you made some spots on your clothes by accident while eating?


​No matter how careful you are, spots can disappoint you anytime. Probably, your first reaction is to run into the restroom and put all your effort into washing it away. Unfortunately, most of the time, you cannot remove it completely. You often pay additional fee to the store to clean the spot off but in the worst case, you have to throw it away. Even a few spots can deteriorate your life both mentaly and economically.

So what you can do.


"I will be more careful", "I don't select menus that cause myself troubles", "I put on a handkerchief around my neck", there are not many options that you can choose.

How about wearing your OWN professional bib?


Have you  ever thought about the bib could become a part of your life? It's totally a new concept and probably no one had ever imagined. Only certain restaurants can provide such decorous item. But if it's elaborated for specific users and can block the spots absolutely, why not you taking this advantage?

Model hight:5.7ft (173cm)

Model hight:5.5ft (168cm)

​※Color・Size・Design: Unisex combination

​Try "mybiib" which is specifically designed for the ones who "really care" about his/her precious outfit with more handy yet with sophisticated designs.

mybiib is designed based on these key words.






And most important service that mybiib can provide to you is

"Sense of secureity"

Having meal without any worries is the key that you make your day fruitful.

Please enjoy your meal with mybiib.

What can mybiib do?

Product Feature

​mybiib protects your outfit from stains

mybiib blocks your business suit, dress shirt, and your important clothes from foot stains especially around the chest.


Easy to put on, easy to take it out

You don't want to spend minutes to put the bib on. mybiib is so simple and easy. It takes 5 seconds to put it on, 1 second to take it out.

Look natural


Navy color and grey color are available.。

Color and the design fit perfectly with your business outfit and look all natural. Indeed, many people even do not realize that you are wearing the bib. mybiib is humble and modest but it supports you quietly.

Easy for maintenance


The material of the bib is water and oil resistant. Food spots tend to stay on the bib and you can remove the spot by placing the cloth gently on the spot.

​※Degree of the removal of the stains varies depending on the food ingredients and the condition of the bib, thus, it is not guaranteed.

​※Please be noted that the liquids tend to move downward due to the water and oil resistance of the bib material. 

Easy to carry



​You can carry it in your suit pocket, porch and the hand bag.

Everything is for sense of security

What we aimed is a "apron for business persons". Carry it and put it on in few seconds and block the stain. We are also committed to the material of the apron and are sewing at domestic plants. It is a product of those who want to be keep the business manner. It is a product carefully developed over time in order to enjoy food safely.


エプロン本体: 意匠登録(意願2019-2539)

mybiib can be used at various scenes


From daily meal to formal occasion, you can use mybiib in any scenes.

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